Baltimore Riots

These riots are extremely current and I knew that a lot of people were talking about this topic. I also knew little of what was happening in Baltimore and since I have family that lives in the city I saw this as an opportunity to do some research. From the article I found below I understand that it was an incident involving the police and the public. More specifically the police killing someone and the public reacting. I personally think it's unjust the number of killings that police have done recently and their reasons do not seem adequate enough to justify their actions. Alongside this I wish that there were a better relationship between the public and the police because it is the duty of the police to protect us and we should be able to trust the people in charge of our safety.

Author: Jon Schuppe

Published: May 6, 2015

Before reading this article I didn't know many details aside from the fact that the riots had gotten pretty violent and that it's extremely similar to the ferguson case. I also believe that this article was published for the benefit of the general public; by this I mean around my age up to my parent's ages. As to why this news piece was created, I assume it was meant to inform its readers of what is going on in another part of the country. I'd say that overall the article gave some statistics surrounding the riots as well as the fact that the troops were sent out. Also, the mayor of Baltimore has requested an investigation of the case and the officers involved. This source is significant because it is one of the main news outlets in our country and prides itself on the most reliable, up to date information.

Author: Jon Swaine and Oliver Laughland

Published: May 5, 2015

This article came from a different news outlet and relayed some more specific details surrounding an innocent death and the officer in question that sparked the riots. I really didn't have any prior knowledge to go off of while reading, but the piece was explanatory in itself. The authors did a superb job at explaining the officer and his mental state and also how the victim died. Again this article was created for the public to inform them of an incident in their own country. Instead of talking about what officials like what the mayor and governor are doing, it focused on the officer that killed Freddie Gray. This report painted the picture of the officer, Brain Rice, being absolutely out of his mind and doing things that were quite out of the ordinary. I think this is significant because it includes important details that other news stations have opted to leave out. Having more than one news outlet allows for more opinions and perspectives that collectively bring together a true testament of what happened.

Author: none

Publisher: May 6, 2015

This last piece of media is a news clip from a TV broadcast. While watching this clip I knew a lot about the original incident and the aftermath due to reading the previously discussed articles. The audience is the same as stated above even though the information is coming in a different form. This news clip was shown because it provided a live feed of a riot in Baltimore and a witness's/local's opinion. The point I think the reporter was trying to get across was that the protesters were acting rashly and violently and by doing so were not helping their cause. The significance of this report was that it explored yet another angle of the same situation. It focused on the riots in particular and though they were biased in the way they presented the information, they still provided a different view to be considered.

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