Rock and Roles
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Sedimentary Rocks: Rocks formed by the deposition of material at the Earth's surface.
Example Rock: Sandstone

Metamorphic Rocks: Rocks thatare transformed through a process called metamorphism.
Example Rock: Schist

Igneous Rocks: Rocks formed by the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.
Example Rock: Granite

Stratification: Process by which materials form or are deposited in layers.

The age of landforms can be estimated by studying the number and thickness of rock layers because rock layers tend to be older since more sediment has formed into rock over time. The rock layers can also determine age because the layers on top are the younger rock layers while the bottom ones are the old ones.

When the asteriod hit Earth and killed all the dinosaurs, the layers of rock in that area could have moved due to the wight and force fo the asteriod.

Coral reefs are shaped by the living organisms,coral. Coral form massive structures of limestone that alter the shoreline of continents.