Bon Voyage Cabot!

Dear King Henry VII and citizens of England,

      Do you want gold to help you pay for your land and family,  tasty spicesdomination, more space for your families, and the chance to spread your religion? Well then do not fret, John Cabot is here! Do not pretend that you do not want to find out what is out there. If help pay for my voyage, I can guarantee that I can get you all of that! All you need to do is accept and contribute to my voyage across the Atlantic to find new land. So come along to help me... help you, by simply saying yes to my petition! I would start my trip in 1498. I am originally from the great country of England and I can help my home country! Other countries are looking for things like spices and gold, I am looking for everything! We will have to figure conflicts out about space and food with the Native Americans. Of course we must deal with rough tides, loss of food, disease, and more things in our way of our amazing prizes. Not to worry! We will indeed get there!


                                                                  John Cabot

See here is what I could bring back to you, if you supply me the money.
You could have this, all I need is your permission to sail.
All I need is permission, money, a crew, and a ship like this beauty.
How I imagine us exploring the new lands! Help yourself and me by donating to my voyage!!

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3 years ago

I would give the funds, but I'm not the King I'm the Queen! GIVE ME ALL THE GOLD!