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Prateek Sahay

What's Apple Doing Now?

The Most Recent Lineup

Well, you may have heard of Apple's release of the iPhone 5, 6th generation iPod Touch, and iPod Nano lineup in September that's causing a splash. Most noticeably, the iPhone 5, despite some of its strange drawbacks, is still the best-selling iPhone yet, selling 5 million in the first opening weekend, compared to 4 and 2 million in the iPhone 4S's and iPhone 4's opening weekends, respectively.


The reason I call the iPhone 5 "weird" is because so much of it is so...different. Apple seems to have changed so many things all at once, and it seems like such a drawback to buying the newest phone. I myself had planned to buy the iPhone 5 upon its release this fall, but found myself discouraged by the new changes.

The main reason is the new charger port. Apple has finally changed from the old 30-pin dock connector they had been using for the past nine years in every generation of iPod, iPhone, and iPad to a new 8-pin Lightning connector. This strikes me as very disturbing. For one thing, you would think that if they updated the USB connector, they would make it compatible with the newest standards for data transfer-- USB 3.0. Instead, it remains on USB 2.0 and has only 8 connectors. USB 3.0 requires a minimum of 9. Secondly, I find myself annoyed because my father and I each have bought small, expensive speaker systems in the past three years that support the 30-pin connector, having full faith that Apple would not change the connector on their products for at least a while. I refuse to buy a separate $30 adapter, and was actually hoping the new iPhone would come with one included. In fact, I read reports that Apple had posted on their site that the new iPhones would come with the adapter, but then later took the message down.

iPod Touch

It seems the iPod Touch is evolving into something new.

iPod Nano

To the disappointment of many, the new iPod Nano has changed to have a 16x9 aspect ratio screen. The previous generation Nano was quite loved because of the small form factor, which people quickly discovered would allow it to be worn as a watch.

4th Generation iPad

iPad has reached its third generation, curiously named "the new iPad," though people simply call it the iPad 3 anyway. You can't help but wonder what Apple intends to call it once the 4th gen iPad comes out, unless of course, they intend to end the iPad line when they release the iPad Mini this month.

Jobs is famous for having told Cook while in his deathbed not to think about what Steve Jobs would do, but instead to act on his own intuition. Jobs definitely trusted Cook, but who really knows what goes through Tim Cook's head.

iPad Mini

The iPad mini is an iPad shrunk down to a 7.9" diagonal. There's really nothing more to be said.


Since the death of Steve Jobs in October 2011, I've noticed a few changes in Apple. Of course, Apple's first release after Jobs's death was the iPhone 4S, which was meant simply as a specifications-- battery life, processor, RAM, etc-- upgrade to the iPhone 4 released a year before. But people began clamoring immediately that the death of Jobs had negatively affected the company, and that Apple would never innovate like before again. The next release after

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