Educational Mobile Apps for iOS

for kindergarten to grade 12 students


A Wikipedia Articles Reader

Multi-language support, bookmarks and folders, read-it later queue, in-article search, offline caching.

This app can be used by students to research answers to questions posed by the teacher.


Insert text and have it read aloud

Choice of different languages, save spoken text as audio file, text highlighted as current spoken word.

This app can be used by students in English language arts to insert audio files into text to demonstrate proper grammar and articulation.

iBooks Author

Create and publish multi-touch books

Range of texts and layouts, multi-touch widgets, expoprt to ibooks or itunes.

Students can use this app to create books for assignments in all subjects.


fast transcription for audio or visual files

customizable media-control shortcuts, timestamps, text substitution, footpedal support

This app would be useful for students who are hearing impaired.


and thesaurus

No internet connection required, two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms.

Dictionary is an great app for students as it gives them quick, easy access to definitions and a thesaurus which would be especially useful in an English language arts classroom.

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