As Luke was going to Emmaus, he came across Jesus, who joined him.  To Luke and the men he was with, he asked, "What are you discussing together as you walk along?"

One of the men said, "Do you not know what has happened in Jerusalem these past few days?" Jesus responded with "What things?"  The men did not recognize Jesus, so they continued to talk to Him as if he were some ordinary man.  The men talked about the fact that the tomb which held Jesus was found empty.

Jesus then told the men they were foolish, and continued to tell all the men what He had actually said in all his Scriptures.  As Jesus, Luke, and the other men were in the town, the men urged Jesus to stay with them.

When Jesus came to the table, he broke the bread, gave thanks, and gave it to them. Finally, the men recognized him as Jesus, and then Jesus left.  They wondered why their hearts didn't burn when they talked to Him on the road.  

The men then got up and went back to Jerusalem, telling the apostles that Jesus' resurrection was true.  They told them that they met Jesus on their way to Emmaus, and they witnessed him breaking the bread and giving thanks.


The story of the Road of Emmaus tells us how after the Resurrection, Jesus just sort of wandered around a bit, and then met Luke and the other men on the road.  Once the men realized it was Jesus they came across, they quickly came back to Jerusalem.  This story serves as a confirmation of the Resurrection of Jesus.

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Good job, Bryan. I like your images, for the most part. The motorcycle one only kind of works. Also, it wasn't Luke in the story; he's the narrator.