12/19/14  It's just that time of year!

There is a lot happening

When you're fealing down or need a friend, you just need a soft, cuddly little kitty to warm your heart. This time of year especially you just need a relaxing break from everything   to cool down and take a breather, for this tiz the season to be jolly, not sad. So let's all enjoy this holiday best we can! There are many things to be thankful for despite not being in the best spirit. You could be thankful for a worm home to come home to every night, and a family to help you out. I'm also thankful for my fandoms I'm into, I'd be so bored without them.  I'm thankful for my cats that sleep with me at night. And I guess I'm thankful for just being in this world and meeting so many cool people and more to come.     

Have a great Christmas -Alice

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3 years ago

What a lovely soul you are, Alice. (And warm home - probably not worm home :) ).