By: Norma Mauricio

Session 1

In session 1 we learned the basic operation of a camcorder. We learned the basic camera movement. I wrote and recorded a news report. I wrote about a male sophomore going around his school, Franklin Regional Senior High School stabbing everyone around him early Wednesday and after a couple of times I practiced my script I was ready to record.

Session 2

In session 2 we learned two different was you can assemble video clips, one Linear/ Analog or Non Linear/ Digital editing. Linear editing is the traditional process editor use video tape machines. If there is an error then you need to rearrange everything every time you need to fix and error. Non linear is done on computer not on video tape. The editor doesn't have to fast forward the tape and it is easier to access a part faster. I also edited my news brief.

Session 3

In session 3 we learned different types of video production, choose a public service announcement topic and learned the main purpose of a storyboard. We also created our own public service announcement. The different types of video production were, News report, Documentary, Advertisements, Commercials, Music, Public service announcement. We also watched examples of each.  

Session 4

I  session 4 we learned communication technology, we recorded our public service announcement. We also edit the service announcement. I decided for my PSA I would write about teen smoking. I wrote the different types of years of ages teens start to smoke. I also did how in the time period the rat has increased or decreased and by what percentage.   

Session 5

In session 5 we learned the different types of ways you could influence someone in a commercial. Three ways are entertainment, education, and exaltation. We also need these entire three things to define philosopher Goethe. We also wrote and story-boarded a commercial. I deiced to wright about Bods burgers.

Session 6

In session 6 we learned about the history of video production. For example in 1920s, several individuals were working to develop machines that would transmit moving pictures and in 1950 colored television were introduced. In 1970 cable televisions and VCRs are brought up. The three major networks are NBC, ABC, and CBS and to this day they are still dominating. In the end of the session I recorded my commercial and edited it.

Session 7

In session 7 we learned the Federal Communication Commission regulation or FCC. We merged together each of the individuals video clips we created during the module. We also matched the primary target audience for several different programs. For example the program “That Living ” the audience would be females aged 25-40 “The Mean Street” males 25-40 or “The Shopping Mall ” females aged 13-18 or “Binky and Bess” males and females under age 6 and the last program was “Wall street Week” and the audience would be Males aged 45-65. We also matched the time the program we be displayed on the television.

Career associated with Video Production

A career that is associated with Video Production is Film Editor. A film editors job is to films what need to be produced. When a film is being shot a film editor has to go through hours and hours before the film can displayed on the TV.  Film editing allows you to be a significant part of the movie-making process, because if the film editor didn't take the time to go back and put the whole movie or show in order  from beginning to end then the show would make since.  

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