A time we're I tried hard @something

            Before midterm grades were mailed home I tried to get all my missing work for math class turned in. I went to the student portal and checked my To Do List, not knowing that it list all the work from the beginning of the school year that I have missing.. So I wrote a list of what I was supposed to do according to the list they gave me and did all of my work. The next day I turned all of it in but my teacher told me that he couldn't grade them because they're not from the same quarter. I was so mad.... And in the end I have an N in math class today.

             I did all that work for nothing, my grade didn't improve and in the end my grades were mailed home with that disgusting looking "N" on my grade sheet. My mom was mad, my sister laughed, and my brother didn't really care... My math teacher said that I didn't do any of my test. Which is a lie because if you ask anyone in my math class they will tell you that I did it and that the teacher collected it so in the grade book it says I have 0.00% in math.