How do cats gets their babys out?

The kits are born naturally after about 64 and 67 days.

why do cats hate dogs?

Cats and dogs fight because it is a natural instinct of a dog to chase a cat because it is a natural predator. Movement or motion is said to be one of the natural triggers that makes dogs chase cats.

why do cats hate getting a bath

There are several reasons your cat may not like being submerged in water.

One is that the cat’s fur becomes waterlogged, which weighs down your cat. While the top layer of its fur is water-resistant to a degree, if the whole coat is drenched, your pet will be uncomfortable.

Cats are also sensitive to odors, and it is speculated that your cat may not like the scent of chemicals from tap water.

Why do kittens like to catch mice?

By far the most natural way to let your mice population know they are not welcome is to get a cat. Cats love to catch mice. Cats love to eat mice. Mice don't like to be eaten by cats. A good mouser will clean out your mouse population in no time and discourage any new mice from moving in.

Why do kittens like milk?

Cats LOVE milk but it's not good for them, they can't handle the lactose...just like some people who are lactose intolerant, same deal. If you buy lactose-free milk, you can give it to your cat as a treat, or they sell milk for cats in the pet aisle.

Kittens are too cute!

Some kittens are black.

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