Thoughts of a Transcendentalist

It has come to my attention that certain people are wary, even unfairly critical of transcendentalism. To these people, I say to open your minds, loosen your soul, and follow that beacon of light. This movement is not one of delusioned drunks, too care-free and optimistic to see the evil in men. Rather, it is a way to learn and experience. We do not shun and repress the negativity that you all embrace, we simply respond differently to it. We do not follow the herd of sheep and wander aimlessly. We are our own person, independent of the world around us, searching inward for true individualism, and expressing it in nature.   You act is if there is one guiding moral book, one omniscient set of moral principles we all should follow. You cannot inflict these morals on others; you cannot claim that, ¬®This is the way it ought to be done,¬® and then punish and ostracize those who do not do as you do. For each man must find his own way, no matter the field or craft or pursuit. I am not saying this as a hypocrite; I am not saying this to get you to think and act and feel as I do, for that would be obtuse. I am simply asking you to do as you please, but do it with respect and your own self as your force.       

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