All About Robots

By Prateek Sahay

Household & Nanny Robots


iRobot's lineup of household robots currently consists of

  • Roomba
  • Scooba
  • Looj
  • Verro

Roomba is iRobot's oldest and best-selling robot thus far. Since its release in 2002, the company has sold 5 million machines, Roomba features a unique algorithm which allows the robot to navigate and clean the entire floor of any room of any size and shape using two bumper sensors mounted on its front and a cliff sensor. Once Roomba finishes its cleaning cycle or is close to running out of power, it automatically finds its charging station and will dock itself. Roomba models range from $349 - $699.

Scooba looks similar to Roomba, but is designed for washing hard floors. Scooba was released in 2005 and uses pre-filled water to wash tiled and wooden floor spaces. Scooba is priced $279 - $499

Looj was released in 2007 as a very specific gutter-cleaning robot which sells for $299. Gutter cleaning can be very difficult and oftentimes dangerous, so the Looj attempts to fill a niche in outdoor housekeeping.

Verro is a pool cleaning robot also released in 2007 that sucks up leaves and other particulates in  swimming pools. It runs on a relatively low voltage in case its power cable disconnects and sends a current through the water.

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