8.2 Reflections
by: Isabelle Comisford



D) I think Leonardo Da Vinci would tell me to practice taking my time, and not overthinking what is actually happening with the letters.  Me, being left handed, I suppose it may come easier to me than others. I'd like to say he would tell me to work on spacing my letters out more, and learning to write h's and n's more defined so they don't get confused.

E) Mirror writing might have seemed natural to Leonardo because he was left handed for one.  I am left handed also, and right handed people write away from the ink, while a left handed person is forced to drag their hand across the ink.  Mirror writing probably looked normal because he figured that since he didn't write with the hand like most people, that he should do it differently.  


Object A) I used a picture of myself to show the mirror image of a person with a front facing camera.  This uses a reflection by reflecting which way, for example, the letters in my sweatshirt (duke, UK only being shown) are being flipped backward. Another reflection in this photo, would be the changed angle of my face from in the left corner to the right corner.

Object B)  I chose the picture of the TOMS shoe flag because it shows the way words are written backward, like on things like an ambulance.  The TOMS flag is originally written left to right, but in the mirrored image it is written right to left.

Object B- Toms flag

Object C)  I chose the "Isabelle" license plate because it shows the mirrored image of my name.  This makes me see how Da Vinci would have written my name, and how using the front facing camera on my Mac, it can change the whole way my name is written.

Object C- Isabelle plate

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