Educational Technology

Youtube Capture

Capture the moment
Stitch together an unlimited number of clips as you build your story. Record in a snap, use many clips as you’d like, and edit on the go

Easily trim and rearrange clips right from your phone, and add a soundtrack from your music collection or Capture’s audio library

Quickly upload your video to YouTube and in one step, simultaneously post to all of your social networks.

Sock Puppets App

The “Sock Puppets” IOS app allows users to quickly and easily create a variety of puppet
shows. That can be uploaded to YouTube with a click of the button. In combination with a green screen app like Doink, there are a myriad of classroom uses!

  • Classroom Uses: Students/teachers can create puppet shows to:
  • Explain a science concept.
  • Retell a story.
  • Tell about an event from history.
  • Share information about a famous person.
  • Model appropriate social behavior or public service announcements
  • The app is Free for up to 30 seconds of recording. I’m demonstrating the paid app with includes more recording time and additional puppets and backgrounds.

Tellagami, a free apple app that lets you create short animated movies called "Gamis," it is a great app to explore for education. The site promotes the app as a way to send greetings and messages with social media, but it can be a great tool in the classroom.

  • Have your character tell a story.
  • Introduce yourself as a person in history
  • Recite a famous poem or speech
  • Read a poem they wrote
  • Take a trip in time and describe the location/time period
  • You can also have the character speak in different languages

Reflector App

Reflector is an AirPlay receiver that allows you to wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone on a number of devices. It’s available for Mac, PC and most Android devices. There are no wires or complicated setups. Just download the app to your computer and you'll see the airplay option on your device. You must have an Ipad 2 or greater or Iphone 4s or greater for the desktop app to work.You can record your screen and and add voice for tutorials, demonstrate an educational app, or have students display and present their work. There are many classroom uses.

It's a simple in that runs in the background of your computer. Once you click on the downloaded icon, the app becomes active and you can find the Airplay option on your device. For the Ipad, just swipe from the bottom up and you'll notice the airplay option. You can see my computer Amelia-PC. That's what I am mirroring.

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