Prom 2014
Great Gatsby

April 26th, 2014
Beni Kedem, Charleston, West Virginia


Clothing line:

Mrs. Barr has already started getting the clothes designed for us at In-Stitches and will have forms for us to start selling them A.S.A.P.

Raffles (outside of school):

At home baseball and softball games we can raffle off the Vera Bradley bags and other items we have donated to us from local businesses(get small donations or gift certificates) Every donation we get, means more raffles, more raffles means more money. More details will follow about how we will do ticket sells.

Raffles (inside school):

Like the Prom Committee did last year we could raffle off tux rentals and/or coupons off of the rentals. also a gift certificate to get senior pictures made, that's worth $300 for a 3 hr session outside with as many outfit changes as the senior wants.

Yard sale:

late March or early April, we could have a yard sale out on the breeze way. We could ask people to donate their old things that's just taking up space. The prices would have to be set and we would have to keep an eye on the shoppers as well. We could also have a hot dog & bake sale.

Popcorn Sale:

Mrs. Harless said that we could use the popcorn machine she has in her room during the brake as long as we clean the machine and don't brake anything. We would charge $2 for a bag.

If you have any suggestions for fundraisers please feel free to tell us A.S.A.P. we want to get things started by next week. (March 7th)

***Remember... ALL fundraisers must be approved by Mrs. Smith***