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Most Powerful Facebook Product just launched!

Can you call me crazy if I said that by having thousands of Facebook friends, your company is being HURT?

I have just discovered news of a revolutionary software that is just been launched and is designed to "sweep out" those friends who are actually HURTING your Facebook exposure and involvement results.

This software can simply save you tens of thousands of hours here, see how:

> FriendSweeper

It's a basic concept:

If you have 5000 friends but only 3000 of them are paying attention to your own posts, that means Facebook is exhibiting your posts to 2000 people who'll NEVER participate with your places or for that matter buy your services or products!

Who understands how many (or who in particular) is actually not paying attention to your own places?

FriendSweeper does. Now you can also.

Exactly how many hours can it save you?

Number of hours it requires to clean your friends list you've got X 1 hour = Amount of buddies

Wow! For those who have a few hundred or 1000 - 5000 buddies, that's not even CLOSE to practical.

You're intent on getting results that are huge with Facebook, and if that's the case for you personally, this really is definitely for you.

P.S. When you are able to actually have the full investigation on all your Facebook friends, and unexpectedly begin seeing your marketing results SKYROCKET, you'll know with no doubt that you've made the correct decision, right?

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