2000 B.C

Israelites make their way to Egypt to avoid conflict.

Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt in 1280 B.C.

Israelite invasions of Canaan begin in 1230 B.C.

Saul becomes the first king of Israel in 1020 B.C.-1000 B.C.

1000 B.C

David becomes the king of Judah and Israel.

David,the king of Israel, captures Jerusalem and makes it the capital of Israel.

Solomon becomes the king of Israel and builds Yahweh Temple 960 B.C.-925 B.C.

Shesonq sacks Jerusalem in 925 B.C.

Israel divides Judah and Israel into two kingdoms. (c. 922 B.C.)

The Hebrew alphabet develops.

900 B.C

Omri rules Israel in 876 B.C

800 B.C

Amos, was the first Hebrew prophet.(c. 750 B.C.)

Samaria, was the capital of Israel, it was captured by Sargon II of Assyria in 721B.C

Sargon II of Assyria deports 28,000 Israelites who become the "Ten Lost Tribes of Israel 721 B.C

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