Tools of trade

-Brandon Allen


Edmodo is a website you can use to talk to classmates and teachers and send assignments   to your teachers. You can use Edmodo by contacting your teachers and getting more help at school and work done. You will be benefited by getting better grades in school.


Remind  is a website you can use that allows students to get emails or messages from their teachers. You can use this tool to help yourself in school. You can also be benefited by this because you can get more information from your teacher.  is a tool used to create any kind of Visual, like graphs, bubble maps, and other kinds of ideas put together. You can use this tool for school projects or if you want to show someone something. A Benefit to using this tool is better grades because you're creating better visuals than you would without this tool.


Tackk is a tool that you can use to represent visuals and information, like pictures, videos and more. You can use this tool by creating almost anything for whatever you want and publish it. A benefit to using this tool is that you can link this tool to Edmodo and post it there.

IB design cycle

Inquiring and analysing

Developing ideas

identifying the problem and analysing the problem.

Developing a design specification or idea.

Creating the solution

Following the plan and creating it.


Designing test methods and evaluating the solution.

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3 years ago

Thank you Brandon. On the Design Cycle you did well but forgot the details of each phase and didn't give an example.