Time Travel back to the Jurassic period!

Come and have some fun back in time!

It's a Dino, You'd better run, so you aren't lunch.

But don't worry, you'll be fine, he is your friend! (sing to the pillow pet jingle)

The Earth

The continents of the Earth were still wedged together, but they were starting to go apart.

Weather Conditions

When you travel back the Jurassic time period the weather is going to be very humid and feel semi tropical.

Plants and Animals you will see!

Dinosaurs are not the only living creatures you will find here!  In the ocean you will see sharks, squids, rays, and different kinds of fish.  Another big thing you will find in the ocean is a coral reef!  Plants that you will find include, seed ferns, gingkos,  palm-like cycads, and conifers.  You will also see many dinosaurs on your adventure!  Some of the dinosaurs you will see include; the Archaeopteryx, the Dilophosaurus, the Scuttelosaurus, the Stegosaurus, the Diplodocus, and the Brachiosaurus.

Atmospheric Conditions

There is only about 21% oxygen here, but you do not need to worry.  That is the same amount of oxygen we have in our atmosphere today.  It also has 77% nitrogen, 1% water vapor, 0.9% argon, and 0.03% carbon dioxide.

Interesting Facts!

During the Jurassic period is when the world started to divide!

A Brachiosaurus is one of the BIGGEST dinosaurs and yet it is a herbivore!

The Stegosaurus would use its tail that had spikes on it for protection.


You will be sleeping in the trees!  Not literally, but very close!  Your house will be a two story, 5 bedroom 4 bathroom house.  All of the bedrooms have a dresser and TV.  Two of the bedrooms have a bathroom connected to it.  Towels will be provided.  One bedroom with have two twin beds, two rooms will have queens, and both of the bedrooms with bathrooms are masters and will have king beds.  It will have a big kitchen with pots and pans etc. provided.  It will also have a laundry room, dining area, two living rooms, and a play area.  Please make sure to bring a jacket because it is warm, but some days it is a little chilly!


There are six restaurants that include Texas Road House, Olive Garden, The Village, Dairy Queen, a Godfather's pizza, and our own restaurant called DinoFeast.  There will also be a McDonald's and a Casey's.  You will get a free breakfast with a choice of pancakes, dinosaur eggs, or biscuits and gravy with dinosaur sausage!  Also, there is a Walmart for grocery shopping and other needs!


When you are here you can do the following activity's:

-Feed and pet the baby Dinosaurs at the petting zoo.                                                         -Ride the Dinosaurs or fly on a Dinosaur.                                                                             -Scuba Dive, Snorkel, and Surf.                                                                                           -Go Kart Rides around the Dinosaur Park.                                                                           -Jet Pack Rides around the Dinosaur's.                                                                                                                                           


There are no specific dangers, you just need to always be alert.  Do not leave your group and wonder around.  Please stay in your house and in your part of the jungle that is sectioned off for you.  


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