Sophie Flesch

Laozi was a Chinese philosopher who lived around the 5th century BCE. Laozi was one of the writers of the Dao De Jing. He was known as the great sage, or wise man, of Daoism. One part of the Dao De Jing, it says "everyone should gain happiness and peace by living in harmony, or agreement, with the way of nature." Laozi once said "everyone must discover the Dao for themselves." Did you know that too many laws and social rules conflict with the way of living naturally and following the Dao. "The best rulers are those who rule the least" Laozi always said. You must return to a simple and natural way of living.

"Daoism is a chinese philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with nature." Daoism wanted to show the other philosophies that they can rule the government just like them, but in a good way. "Daoism was based on the Ancient Chinese idea of the Dao or also known as "the way"." This philosophy was the second great philosophy to come out of China." Dao was the force that gave order to the natural universe." People say that Daoism was the most peaceful philosophy in Ancient China. In time, Daoism developed into a popular religion.

Yi and Yang mean the Daoist concept of opposing forces of nature human life is a whole made up of opposites. Did you know that Yin means "shaded" and Yang means "Sunlight" . It impossible to have something good going on without something bad happening. That is basically what Yin and Yang is.

Taoism is basically the same thing as Daoism. Laozi and Daoist believe in governing the people by letting them govern themselves, being kind to all, and letting nature govern. Daoism used to be called Taoism until they changed the name. Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. kindness in giving creates love. Being kind and setting an example for others is a foundation for Daoism.

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