The Balloon Council

Purpose of The Balloon Council

The Balloon Council is a group dedicated to protecting America's balloon industry. It attempts to do this by fighting anti-balloon laws and promoting responsible use of balloons. It also wishes to find a way to recycle Earth's helium reserves, as it is projected to run out withing 300 years.

Who does it reach?

The Balloon Council's goals reach out to everyone who enjoys balloons or helium. If you have ever had fun playing with a balloon, or if your child has ever had fun with one, then the Balloon Council has impacted your life. Most directly, though, it reaches those who work in the balloon industry.

Why should you join?

The Balloon Council has an honorable and important mission to accomplish, and it would simply be an honor to join them. They are attempting to protect the environment from both lost balloons (by teaching responsible balloon use) and a decreasing helium supply. I know that I would love to be a part of this group in order to protect the joy of children.

How does it function/operate?

The Balloon Council deals with putting warning labels on balloons and such to make sure that people are aware of how to properly handle their balloons. They also try to spread public awareness of the importance of weighing down balloons so they do not float away, as well as helping people identify responsible balloon retailers. One of their larger functions, though, is to fight against anti-balloon legislation that is often brought up through false premises.


The Balloon Council recently helped to pass the Helium Stewardship act. This act prevented to shutdown of federal helium reserves. The importance of this lies in the prediction that our helium on Earth will run out in about 300 years. They also wish to find a way to recycle helium to prevent it from diminishing. For decades, the Balloon Council has been trying to promote safe and responsible use of balloons.


The Balloon Council has managed to thwart many lawmakers attempts to unfairly regulate balloon use. They have defeated restrictions in California, Hawaii, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin. Currently they need your help to fight the legislature in New York, no one can release more than 25 balloons within a 24 hour period, and Massachusetts, banning the release of 10 or more balloons within a 24 hour period.  

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