Festive Celebrations in Venice

Venice is one fabulous place to be enjoyed anytime of the year, suppose you step in at times of any of the festivals, I assure you to have utmost fun and enjoyment.

  • The carnival of Venice is one major festival which is held during the month of February. As a tourist I was able to participate in the carnival which included masquerade balls, food fairs, parades and other activities.
  • New Year event during January is another fascinating event where the whole city enjoys partying. On this day many people take a dip in the chilly water of Lido.
  • Festa di San Giuseppe is a feast day also known as father’s day. On this special day children gift their fathers with gifts.
  • Mid of April is a cultural week which is known as Settimana delle Beni Culturali and celebrated all over Italy. During this week the museums and monuments are opened free of charge and longer hours.

Also there is the famous Venice Film Festival for the movie buffs, so pick up the best time of the year to visit Venice coinciding with the events and festivals  that the city is so famous for. It is always a exhilarating experience to be in a city of historical importance. Have a happy stay!!!