Abandoned Places As Filming Locations

How hard do you think it is to find an abandoned place to shoot a scene in a movie? It should be pretty easy, right? But how about finding an abandoned place that would capture the attention of moviegoers? Say a place that looks like its inhabitants left it one day without taking anything with them. Surely, filming locations like that can be a challenge to find. And building a set like that would take a lot of money and time. Still, location scouts have found such places where films can and have been shot. It’s even made easier now especially with filming location websites like lightsonlocation.com. To help you know more about such locations, below are just some of them that have been featured on popular films.

1. Hashima Island in Japan is an abandoned island located just 9 miles from the city of Nagasaki. The place used to be home to a coal mining village but once petroleum started replacing the energy source of choice in Japan, Mitsubishi who owns the island, closed it down. The island was featured in the Bond film Skyfall although no actual filming inside the island was made. The abandoned island is now a full-pledged tourist attraction after Nagasaki city opened a small part of the island for tourism.

2. The Chernobyl Disaster has made the name synonymous to a ghost town. Because of this, the place has been the subject of many fictional stories including in movies. Today, there are certain parts within the area that the public can enter after securing a special permit. That's why Bruce Willis and his company were able to go and use it as one of their filming locations for the 2013 movie A Good Day to Die Hard.

3. Ghost towns around the US are aplenty and they have been used extensively throughout the years by filmmakers. The ghost town of Paria, Utah for example has been used to film Westerns in the past. Some parts of the 1944 movie Buffalo Bill as well as the Sergeants 3 (1962) by the Rat Pack were filmed in this town.

While there's something inherently creepy with abandoned places, being featured on films is a sure way to catch people's attention. This could lead to these desolate places becoming a tourist attraction or it can drive people further away. But as far as film making goes, finding and using these filming locations to present what the director is aiming for is what matters the most.