legacy unit by simranjit 8a2

portray yourself .

Everyone has a image or  present to society. Like a firefighter their   present is to save people and his image is to fight fires or  police officer. what my image to society is that i am helpful. I think I am helpful because if someone needs help I will help the out like one time my friend need help i helped him out on his math home work. another trait is that I am  always happy . I think this because  when someone is sad I will make them happy.  I keep this up   by being what i wanna be not what someone wants me to be or thinks I should be I am who I want to be. the last thing is that I try my best in every thing I put 1oo percent in  every thing I do. I think this because when i  want to do something I put everything in to it  and if I get  something wrong I will ask the teacher  how to do that question. this  is the image I have in society.  

different persona.

If i could have a different persona it would be to be smarter. i think i should be smarter because i could get even better  grades . i think i could accomplish this  because if  i work hard  and try my best  i could be smarter. Another  persona is that i like to be more friendly. i think this because when new students come to our school i do not talk  them i only talk to the students i know . i think i could  have this persona if i  just talk to the students that come to our school. the last persona is that i would not like to be careless. i think this because once on my math test i got all the questions wrong because i had read the question wrong. i think i could change this persona by just taking my time on anything i do. these are the different personas i want .  

how i wish to be Seen

Some people are seen in a different way than they wanna be seen . for example the Grinch he looks mean and acts  mean  but is  not mean like the saying don't judge a book by its cover. How I wanna be seen is always hard working. I think this because I have been getting better marks this year. another one is that i am always happy . I know this because when someone is sad I will make them happy by cheering them up. the legacy I will be leaving allan drive is that  I if you are hard working   and being happy wile doing things  you can accomplish any thing .Also that life is gold is the most important thing ever  this is how life is the best . this is how I wish to be seen and this is my legacy.  

my digital footprint

What my digital footprint is that I post happy things on Facebook or intrasram  why I post fun and happy post is that if post something rude I will loose friends and that is mean to post  hurtful things  it is like telling people on the web . I think that if we are kind to each other we could  have a better world. also some thing I don't use a digital footprint because I think it is a waste of time we should be getting fresh air rather that enything else. this is my digtal footprint.    

hard working

One of my traits is that I am hard working. I know this because when I get down to work I can finish what my task is and what  I set my mind. like when I have homework I can get it done  fast. I put  a lot  of effort in everything I do, like projects  I get them done before they are due . If I do not understand something I will  ask my teacher what to do. This  of my traits.  


I think  I am imaginative because because I use to get good marks in art class because my work was imaginative. another thing is at the e fair  the product was my idea . also I think I am imaginative because i think about humberview  and if a am going to like it and who  it is going to be and if we are going to make money at the e fair. this is why I think  I am imaginative.   


I think I am honest because I never lie and when don't know something I will ask not sit doing nothing I think this because on my test I did not get very good so I asked my teacher about it I face my problems  ignore them .I also take the blame for the things I do . this is why I think I am honest.

why i like this quote

I like this quote because it reminds me of education i think this because   if you coppy of a test you will get a good mark once but if you get  studdy you can get every test good or if you cheat in high school you will get a pass but in life you will never pass this is why I think this is a good quote .

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