The Mayan Civilization

By Ruby Ocampo

Lasting from 300 AD  to 900 AD, the Mayan civilization was one of the most sophisticated civilizations of the Americas. The Mayans were found in much of Central America and Southern Mexico. We know that the Mayans had City-States, ruled by a person who claimed to be a descendant from the gods they believed in. They were helped by nobles and a class of scribes. The rest of the city states composed of peasants and townspeople. The Mayans were known for their Great pyramids, like the one shown above, and their accurate calender.

The territory of the Mayans!

Speaking of Territory... What were their cities like?

The Mayan city was centered around their pyramids (which was topped with a shrine to their gods). Around the pyramid were temples, palaces, and even a ball court.

Mayan government

The Mayans had city states, and each was ruled by a single ruler. These city-states didn't have a single ruler though, instead they were only linked by trade, political alliances, and tribute obligations. The rulers claimed to be desedant of the gods, and the once the leaders were "done", they were taken over by their sons, brothers, or a suitable candidate selected by the priests if there were no relatives for the leader.

now we know the Government... so what about The Mayan Peoples Family and Society?

     Families in Mayan Society usually consisted of 5 to 7 members, and they all lived together. The fathers and older men duty was to hunt and farm, while the womens duties included them cooking and weaving. The children of the family, regardless of gender, would help the mother out with the chores.

    There was one ruler, and then behind them there were four other groups, in order: The nobles, the priesthood, the common people, and finally the slaves. Nobles helped out with the duties and such with the main ruler, and had very much influence on the people and the ruler. Then came the priests, they also had very big influence on the people and rulers. After their religious duties they were scholars, astromernors and mathematicians. Then were the commoners who worked as artisans, farmers, artitechs. carpenters, etc. Then the slaves, they were to do what their owners told them to do.

How many mayans were there?

We don't know exactly how many Mayans there were. From dirt analysis we do know that one of the biggest city states in the Mayan civilization was Tikal. Tikal's estimated population, at it's height, was up to 100,000 people living in the same city at one time. That should give us an idea of how many people lived in the city-states. 

Some corn....

What did Mayans Eat?

The Mayans diet depended on their location. They had foods like corn tortillas, tamales, salsa, guacamole, and many more.. the list could go on and on, and with the different ways they made them. They also had beverages like jamaica, horachata, and coffee.

So how did they get this Food?

The Mayans were skilled farmers, they planted foods like corn, beans, cacao, chile, maguey, bananas. They also were good with bees, and used their honey.

The Time of The day for mayans:

The calendar they recorded time in...

To keep track of the time, Mayans recorded the yearly cycles of the Sun. It's equinoxes, solstices, and zenith and nadier passages. That was just for yearly dates. For day to day, they told time by sunlight and shadows, as well as the position of the sun during sunrise and sunset.

How did they dress?

Their clothing varied from the location they were at, and where in society they were (how rich they were). The rich wore colorful clothing made of animal skin. They wore jewelry and feathered headdresses. The more common people wore simpler clothing. Common man wore loinclothes or short skirts. The common woman would wear a long skirt and a huipil. Other things they wore would depend on their region. Though they usually wore this for everyday life, they would wear flashier clothing for their celebrations.

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