Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark

Set Designer - George Tsypin

George Tsypin, Set Designer


George Tsypin is a sculptor, architect and designer of opera, film and video. He was born 1954 in Kazakhastan. George studied architecture in Moscow and theatre design in New York. He now lives in New York with his wife and two children.

Other than Spider-Man George also designed "The Little Mermaid" On broadway, and "West Wide Story". He was involved in designing many well known Opera's such as "Death in Venice" and "Don Giovani" along with many others.

George won an International Competition of "New and Spontaneous Ideas for the Theatre for Future Generations" about 20 years ago.


George and his co-worker Julie Taymor decided that the sets should be in black and white, so that the costumes stand out. “When we were loading in last summer an actor in a Spider-Man costume walked across the stage, and I knew that was perfect. Everything came alive.” The sets are also incorporated a lot of colour. “Every single piece of scenery had to include lighting,” he says. “They're all light boxes that go to different colours. Our huge skyscrapers look like cardboard cutouts but they are in fact sophisticated panels with LED lights and many layers of materials. Don Holder was so excited when we got it working, as it allowed him to light the show from the front and back and from the inside, with all these colours.”

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