Chemical Bonds

Ionic bonding: chemical bonding that results from the electrical attraction between cations and anions

          Characteristics: made up of one cation and one anion | made up of one non metallic atom and one metallic atom | conducts electricity as a liquid, a solid,  and dissolved in water | high melting point | not soluble in water | looks powdery and granular

          Ex: table salt

Covalent bonding: results from the sharing of electron pairs between two atoms

           Characteristics: made up of 2 non metallic atoms | does not conduct electricity | low melting point | soluble in water | powdery and granular

           Ex: sugar

Metallic bonding: chemical bonding that results from the attraction between metal atoms and the surrounding sea of electrons

            Characteristics: conducts electricity as a solid and a liquid | has a high melting point | doesn't dissolve in water | conducts electricity and a liquid and a solid | shiny

            Ex: copper


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