Bullets And Ballots


1) The Guatemalan Government, Guerillas, The Army and Wealthy, The Peasants, and The United States were all involved in this activity. The Army and Wealthy had the power in the beginning. The Guerillas had the power in the middle of the activity. The USA had the power at the end of the activity because they aren't controlled by the Guatemalans.

2) The balance of power shifted greatly throughout the game. In the beginning of the game, the Army and Wealthy had the most power in MSUs. Many alliances were created throughout the game and in the middle of the game the Guerillas had the most power in MSUs. At the end of the game, the Guerillas had the most MSUs but the USA has the most power because they can invade.

3) The Guerillas were very upset that the US didn’t accept an alliance right away. The US did accept many other alliances including the Army and Wealthy and the Guatemalan Government. The Guerillas conflicted with the Army and Wealthy every month by attacking them. At the end, the US finally decided to make an alliance with the Guerillas for trade of 15 of the US’s MSUs.

4) The US had a major role in this simulation. They had the most power the whole time because they could’ve invaded at any time. In this simulation, the US invaded because they didn’t agree with what the Guerillas had changed the ballots to and who could get elected.

5) Power shifts can be both positive and negative in a country. The country could turn into a communist governed and could be overly strict. This could be good because it could lower the prices of goods and needs. If the government sets the price, it could be good for the buyers, but bad for the sellers because they don’t get many profits.

6) This simulation relates to my life because I have cooperation and conflict. An example of conflict would be when I hang out with my friends, we don’t agree on a board game. This conflict leads to cooperation. We cooperated by picking a few names and putting them in a hat. After we put these names in a hat, we mixed them up and picked on. We all agree to play the game that is picked from the hat.

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