Life Project

By: Kyler Drummer

About me

I am single with no children and i drive 14 mi to and from work. I work as a Computer Systems Manager.


  • I make an annual salary of $115,000.
  • my net monthly income of 7,792.
  • I also am currently the Employee of the month and rewarded $25.


I Pay $45 for Health, life, Medical, Dental Insurance.

I save $389.60 for college.

I give $77.92 to charity.

I also have to pay an extra $10 because of a car accident.

I pay $1,826 in taxes a month.

Investment Portfolio

I have invested in a 100 shares of Electronic Arts, (EA)Day 1:$2,591

Day 5: $2,56

75 shares of Microsoft corporation, (MSFT) Day 1: $2,659 Day 5:$2,823.

75 shares of Wells Fargo Corporation, (WFC) Day 1: $3,200 Day 5: $3,189.

My stocks made a total of $8,577.

My House

My house is located in North Mankato, MN. I currently have a room mate. Has a 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. The house is worth $298,900

My monthly loan is currently $352.63. I pay 82.50 for my electric and 20 dollars for both my telephone and my sewer/water.

I bought some new furniture and improvements. My couch was worth $49.95, Tv was $419 and my PS3 was $244. I pay $31.71 a month to pay for it.


I save $5,342.04 a month for college and a rainy day.

I give $77.92 to charity a month


I am buying a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro that is worth $20,989 with a monthly payment of $435 over a 60 month schedule. I also pay an extra $60 for insurance and registration and tax.


I currently pay $537.32 for food.


For entertainment i go to movies and i also go to Vikings games once and a while.


I bought 3 pairs of jeans worth $41.97. 8 shirts worth $45 and 1 pair of shoes was about $20.

Cable And Dinning Out

I pay a total of $56 a month for cable.

$35 a month while dinning out.

Home improvements and furniture

I bought a$49.95 couch.

$419 Flat screen t.v.

$244 PS3

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