Bunnies are cute, kind animals. They make great family pets and are really fun!

Bunnies eat many things like: dandelions, carrots, apples, broccoli, strawberries and parsley. The only thing they drink (when they don't need to be with their mom anymore) is water.

Bunnies are very kind, social animals. They like to be petted and they can cuddle up in your lap. They hop around and will smell and lick your feet (it will tickle)!

Bunnies do need care but they are not as much work as a dog or cat. You need to: clean their cage (2 times per week) , let them go out of their cage for exercise, feed them, refill their water and once in a while give them a treat. Bunnies do need love, care and attention.

Baby bunnies are adorable! If you see one never touch it because you could hurt it and your germs could kill it. You shouldn't take a baby bunny away from it's mother because they need their mother to survive when they're small. After a certain amount of time you are able to take a bunny away from it's mom!

Bunnies are VERY good at hopping!