being something they are not

I watched the blackish documentary about the history of the killer whales at SeaWorld. The treatment of these majestic creatures were done incorrectly from the very beginning and this would be a down fall in the end. It seems like everything was about money from the enclosure the whales were originally kept in to the way they were treated and fed. The whales were truly wild animals that were forcefully assimilated to be extremely expensive pets. You would also think we would have some basic sociological and psychological understanding of these animals but little was known about them at the time. Also every single whale in SeaWorld’s were bred from one extremely aggressive killer whale, possibly passing on that genetic behavior to the rest of the whales. Tillicum the aggressive whale came from sealant of the pacific, a “sketchy” run down predecessor of SeaWorld that would go out of business. And that’s exactly what it was, an entertainment business. All about the money and not so much about the whales in our world of capitalism today. Ironically the ones who cared about the whale the most were the trainers. I didn’t exactly understand all the legal battles that occurred after trainers were killed by Tillicum but it seems like SeaWorld changed little to nothing at all after the trials. Produced by CNN films the documentary was extremely eye opening and arguably one of the best documentaries I’ve seen. Some animals can just not be tamed but in this case it was just done incorrectly. I feel animals should only be studied and domesticated for scientific purposes not for entertainment value. The way SeaWorld portrays theses animals in their advertisements and website seem misleading after this documentary. Multiple lives were lost because SeaWorld did not learn from its mistakes. Reading blogs some believe the whale should have been euthanized but I belief it should have been released back into the wild. the whales were forced to be something they are not. #hsci2133