Abhishek Dutta Cleveland

Adept at Co-creating Financial Platforms

About Abhishek Dutta Cleveland

A technology-savvy business analyst, Abhishek Dutta uses his expertise to help develop internal trading and mortgage lending applications employed by some of the biggest names in derivatives trading and home lending, including Barclays Capital and Freddie Mac. Having worked in this capacity for nearly a decade, Abhishek Dutta possesses an extensive background in managing projects through the entire software development life cycle, as well as experience serving as a liaison between business users and developers and quality assurance teams. Prior to working as a business analyst, Dutta grew up in India and earned a bachelor’s degree in technology from India’s National Institutes of Technology. He later attended Cleveland, Ohio-based Case Western Reserve University. He earned an MBA from the Cleveland institution.

Over the years, Abhishek Dutta worked as a business analyst at Emigrant Bancorp, State Street Bank, and John Hancock Financial, among other organizations. He has facilitated development of a loan maintenance application for mortgage borrowers (Emigrant), a derivative trading system for front office traders and middle management (Barclays), and a Multi Family Operational Sub Ledger for collecting loan data and posting info on accounting rules (Freddie Mac). In working on these and other projects the former Cleveland resident developed proficiency in gathering business requirements and translating them into both functional and non-functional system requirements.

Abhishek Dutta -The Basel Accords

Business analyst Abhishek Dutta offers nearly a decade of expertise in the systems analysis and management field specific to financial services and banking—expertise that he honed after earning an MBA in Cleveland, Ohio, at Case Western Reserve University. Working in credit-risk management at Freddie Mac until 2013, Mr. Dutta has become very knowledgeable about the Basel Accords regulations for institutional banks.

Established in 1974, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is one of the world’s leading supervisory bodies for the development and collaborative enforcement of banking regulations. The Basel Committee is comprised of advisors and supervisors from national banks worldwide and headquartered at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland (yet unaffiliated with that institution). Every several years, the Basel Committee issues a collection of internationally- recognized and agreed upon operations standards and monitoring procedures for banks, known as Basel I, Basel II, and Basel III, respectively. Basel III, the current iteration of the standards, is particularly significant because it includes protocols on how the global banking sector may absorb shocks arising from financial and economic stresses, such as the recent financial crises in Greece and Spain and the after effects of the 2008 global financial crisis.

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