The Olmec people were a Native American tribe that lived before the Mayans.

They carved these giant heads out of stone using only stone tools. These heads weighted up to 20 tons and were 10ft high.

Rubber People

The Olmec were called rubber people because of all the rubber trees around them. They had streams and rivers and lived in the tropical lands of New Mexico

Olmec food

This is a deer if you didn't know.

The Olmec people grew their own food and they also hunted. They grew corn, squash, maize and beans. They also ate deer and wild pigs. They also fished.

Tools and Weapons

The Olmec's tools were made out of obsidian.

The Olmec people had stone tools and weapons but they didn't let that stop them from carving giant heads out of stone.


The Olmec people lived in large cities. The cities had a pyramid. This is where they would house their deities and would bury their kings here.

Although this is an egyptian pyramid the Olmecs were shaped like these. Hence pyramid.


The people lived in a almost rivervally type region. They had rivers, a small desert and a rubber tree filled terrain.

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