Animal Farm: Cultural Assumption 2

Throughout Animal Farm I have seen that some characters do more work than others because they're stronger, which is telling us that the stronger you are the more work you do. This is shown through one character, Boxer the horse. This is shown at the start of the book when all of the animals start running the farm themselves and have to do lots of work. At this moment Boxer made his personal motto 'I will work harder!' as he did more work than everyone else and believed any problem could be solved by working harder. In the middle of the book, at the rising action, the animals are pushing boulders down a hill to smash them into smaller pieces. Sometimes they would lose the boulder and it would roll down the wrong side of the hill, and it would be up to Boxer to stop the boulder himself. This is shown in the book, "When a boulder began to slip and the animals cried out in despair at finding themselves dragged down the hill, it was always Boxer who strained himself against the rope and brought the boulder to a stop.". Throughout the entire book Boxer always got up earlier to do some of the work on the farm and would keeping working throughout the day and then work later than the other animals. This is said in the book when "He made an arrangement with the cockerels to call him in the mornings half an hour earlier than anyone else" this is later changed in the books when he arranges for the cockerels to wake him up an hour earlier than everyone else. I believe that just because your strong doesn't mean you have to do most of the work. I think that each animal should an equal amount of work and not depend on one animal to do all of it.

I think this portrays soldiers in George Orwell's time, 1934, as it was the cold war the strong men had to do most of the work or be a soldier for the war. They would need the stronger men to go on into the army to fight in the war and whoever was left behind would have to do other work such as farming or shopkeeping.

I think George Orwell is trying to say that if your strong you shouldn't have to do all the work and you shouldn't let others always depend on you when there is a hard job that needs doing.

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2 years ago

I think that you have defined this cultural assumption well and you have many clear examples to support the cultural assumption of the stronger you are the more work you do. The example you used were clear and easy to understand. I think that you had a good understanding that this portrayed soldiers in the cold war which was the time that this took place. When you are saying that the author was questioning the assumption you could probably add in a quote to say why you think this. You could also be more clear on what the author thought on this assumption. This is well written blog and I think that you have explained the cultural assumption well. ;)