My Professional & Academic Community

Texas State University - The Graduate College

Where I spend most of my time... 2nd floor of the JC Kellam building.
Taking our breaks around the ponds is the best part about working in JCK.
The view from Alkek during Spring Break... campus was so quiet!
My desktop background at work... Dreaming of wide open spaces!
A party in our breakroom. Each month gets a different theme...
My boss, Bryttne!
My co-worker, Teresa!
Chris hard at work...
Anything we can do to personalize our space...
Caitlin over in Admissions.

My Personal Community

My husband and I.
Our cat, Scout, when she was a kitten.
Toulouse in our laundry basket.
My husband and one of our Willoughby friends.
A major inspiration for my career in education: the littlest Willoughby.
Momma and Little Willoughby
My husband & I with a bunch of awesome Willoughbys & friends.
Me & some little Willos.

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