Mount Pinatubo
By: Adam Skrzeszewski

The 1991 eruption of mt. Pinatubo

                 Mount Pinatubo is located in the philippines ,Zambales mountain range. it’s height is 4,875' (1,486 m) And it’s type of volcano is an active stratovolcano. How it was formed, Mount Pinatubo was formed by the Philippines plate being sub-ducted under the Eurasian plate. Pinatubo's last eruption was in1991, the 2nd most strongest volcano eruption of the 20th century.  It's history of eruptions, the oldest eruption witch happened in 1315, other eruptions were unknown, But it's active status, is not active, fortunatley.

                The eruption's affects on mankind were very devastating. More than 350 people died during the eruption, most of them from collapsing roofs. Disease that broke out in evacuation camps and the continuing mud flows in the area caused additional deaths, bringing the total death toll to 722 people. The event left more than 200,000 people homeless. Before the eruption, more than 30,000 people lived in small villages on the volcano, witch they then died because of the magma.

other important/interesting facts:

  • 15-20 million tons of sulfur dioxide were discharged in the atmosphere following the eruption which caused a global cooling among others.
  • Currently Mount Pinatubo attracts many tourists who practice mountain hiking
  • Mount Pinatubo’s eruption caused the ejection of 10 cubic kilometers of magma
  • The eruption of 1991 was preceded by many earthquakes north of the Pinatubo
  • After the eruption a lake was formed in the crater, Lake Pinatubo
  • The siesmograph when the mount pinatubo eruption happened, from 1991-1993.