By Marlene Reeves


Abolitionist - (especially prior to the Civil War) a person who advocated or supported the abolition of slavery in the U.S.

the abolitionist made the slave owners look rude and abusive

  • most slaves did not get the best treatment but a lot of people back then were not always treated the best  
  • the abolitionist were blacks and white.
  • The abolitionist would draw pictures of the slaves and how that slaves were treated
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  • they draw the pictures because they did not believe in slavery
  • there  is still some abolitionist today
  • there was more slavery in the south then the north but no one knows how many abolitionist were in the north compared to the south
  • Andrew Jackson was the president at the time

these are some of the abolitionist

William Lloyd Garrison

Theodore Weld

Wendell Phillips

Elijah Lovejoy

Sojourner Truth

Hariett Tubman

Samuel and Florella Adair

William Still

Dr. John Doy

Anthony Benezet

David Walker

Ezekial and Mary Jane Colman

Samuel Wood

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Rev. Richard Cordley

John Speer

Frederick Douglass

William Ellery Channing

Samuel Newitt Wood

William Lloyd Garrison

John Greenleaf

Arthur and Lewis Tappan

Susan B. Anthony

David Ruggles

Calvin Fairbank

Levi Coffin

Captain Jonathan Walker

Josiah Henson

Erastus Hussey

John Fairfield


I LOVE the old melodious lays
Which softly melt the ages through,
The songs of Spenser's golden days,
Arcadian Sidney's silvery phrase,
Sprinkling our noon of time with freshest morning dew.

Yet, vainly in my quiet hours
To breathe their marvellous notes I try;
I feel them, as the leaves and flowers
In silence feel the dewy showers,
And drink with glad, still lips the blessing of the sky.

The rigor of a frozen clime,
The harshness of an untaught ear,
The jarring words of one whose rhyme
Beat often Labor's hurried time,
Or Duty's rugged march through storm and strife, are here.

Of mystic beauty, dreamy grace,
No rounded art the lack supplies;
Unskilled the subtle lines to trace,
Or softer shades of Nature's face,
I view her common forms with unanointed eyes.

Nor mine the seer-like power to show
The secrets of the heart and mind;
To drop the plummet-line below
Our common world of joy and woe,
A more intense despair or brighter hope to find.

Yet here at least an earnest sense
Of human right and weal is shown;
A hate of tyranny intense,
And hearty in its vehemence,
As if my brother's pain and sorrow were my own.

O Freedom! if to me belong
Nor mighty Milton's gift divine,
Nor Marvell's wit and graceful song,
Still with a love as deep and strong
As theirs, I lay, like them, my best gifts on thy shrine.

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