the world's fastest growing footwear brand // reinventing the slipper

the slipper

  • mahabis has taken on the task to reinvent the traditional slipper
  • fusing scandinavian minimalism with cultural influences from across the globe, the mahabis classic slipper features a clean and simple design.
    function, simplicity and style.
  • the mahabis slipper stands apart from others on the market, and is the first design to include a unique detachable sole. made from a lightweight TPU and available in six colours, the mahabis trademark detachable sole allows the slipper to be converted for outdoor wear in seconds.
  • lined with 100% sheeps wool, the slipper is impossibly comfortable and perfectly balances warmth with breathability.
  • the slipper also features a collapsible neoprene heel for ultimate slip-on ease.
  • priced at £59, the mahabis bundle includes a stylish, lightweight wool upper manufactured in Portugal and a detachable sole made in Italy.


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the company

  • mahabis launched in July 2014, and has rapidly become one of the fastest growing footwear companies of the last 20 years.
  • over 10,000 pairs sold across the globe in the first few months, making mahabis faster growing than brands such as TOMs, Crocs and Uggs
  • advanced prototyping technologies such as 3D printing to bring product to market faster (from conception to market in approx. 12 months)
  • highly innovative product design (detachable TPU soles and collapsible neoprene heels) and modular manufacturing process conducted exclusively in Europe.
  • vertically integrated, online-only brand with first year revenues expected at approximately $3 million.
  • highly lean operational model with reliance upon advanced, bespoke technologies.
  • having turned down approaches from retailers and distributors worldwide and opting for global direct-to-customer approach, mahabis is revolutionising the traditional retail model. this has allowed for a more valuable and closer customer-company relationship.
  • London based company with an expanding global market (shipping to 60+ countries, and with site visitors from 150+ countries)
  • mahabis was founded by Ankur Shah, former barrister turned entrepreneur, previous business (Techlightenment) acquired by Experian in 2011.


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