"A Synergistic Modern Avatar of Multi Media "

Muriel Louveau is a French composer, performance-maker, and singer who creates a "polyglot sonic space and leads us into a realm of foreign landscapes"

Echoes in the Press

"Louveau's music here is a mature display of artistry, drawing global and historical influence not bound by time or modes, but rather surpassing those requirements preset by the music industry. . One hears a bit of Gregorian, Middle East, African, and Gothic influences, all molded into one accessible style."
Mark Cheng, Nonesuch Records

"It is a most intriguing mixture of old chants, flamenco, middle eastern, primeval paganism and aggressive New Age. There are even hints of Lisa Gerrard, Meredith Monk ,Yma Sumac ...Fascinating.. with a sense of mysterious drama."

Norma Lynn, Arts Alive and Well, New Mexico

"M. Louveau, a singer whose voice has been described as haunting and highly individualistic … "Never Adhering or locked to traditional forms, Louveau's compositional strength in achieving clear shapes leads us into a realm of foreign landscapes; the Classical influence is no longer pure Classicism, the Post Modern not pure Euro-centric Post Modernism...; Furthermore, we cannot generalize Louveau's works into any sect, but instead we are encouraged to accept her as a new explorer."
Time Out, New York

"We live in many times at the same time. So think Paris based Muriel Louveau and Los Angeles based Charles B Kim, the two performer-composers who make up the musical group Skana. They create, among other things, “contemporary medieval music.” Just to add a postmodern twist: Skana means “sound” in Latvian, a language not common to Paris or Los Angeles"
Canapé program, Cuny TV

"M.Louveau a choisi un chemin trés singulier .Le résultat est étonnant .... Comme si pour la première fois on entendait une nouvelle langue"
Ouest, France

"M.Louveau est douée d'une voix aussi singuliére que vertigineuse .A cappella ou embaumée de sons préprogrammés, elle remonte le temps jusqu'au moyen âge avec une relecture non orthodoxe de la liturgie et rebondit jusqu'à un futur non identifiable"
Radio Nova Remy Kolpa Kopoul



Muriel Louveau, born in Brittany, is a French composer, performance-maker, and singer.

Muriel began performing age Five and went on to study the history of art and literature. She refers to her compositions as contemporary medieval music inspired by ancient european music, and creates her own imaginary language.

"my songs drive us into a cosmopolitan space and time somewhere at the crossroad of the other languages," explains Louveau.

Festivals and International events include those in the USA, New York (Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Le Poisson Rouge, Irving Plaza), Conservatory of Peabody Baltimore ,2011and 2009 ,"40 years of Looking for The Future multi media concert", John Hopkins University), SKIFF 2002 in St Petersburg, French spring 2007 Festival(Latvia), Etonnante Lettonie, Beaubourg center, Paris (2005), Europe XXL 2009 Lille 3000 (France).

Muriel's songs have been broadcast on BBC 3 and WNYC Radio, she has been invited to Cuny TV, and has released four educational albums for French children (ARB music). Recent collaborative projects include: EDDA, a multi media event with the english artist Holly Warburton (Le Cube, Paris ) and At table, a musical reenactment of a painting with Ann Marie Lequesne (Royal College of Arts )

"Working on interdisciplinary performances (with painting, video ,dance,poetry )just came as a natural consequence in an effort to discover and weave together new modes of perception ".

Muriel has been promoting and staging the music of Skana , an album entirely produced in cyber space with american composer Charles B Kim. Premiere of the performance" Skana and more" in NYC at Galapagos Arts Space in 2011 in collaboration with dancer Emily Pope Blackman and a new incarnation " Skana, Echo of the light", has been presented at Theaterlab in april 2014


Skana: Echo of the Light

For this new incarnation of Skana, Muriel collaborates with artist David Irving Weiner who will Immerse the audience within the glow of underwater light refractions, producing sensations of weightlessness. Emily Pope Blackman (member of WHITE WAVE, Tiffany Mills, Hillary Easten Dance Companies) joins Muriel to create dance works in response to her singing .

Skana: Echo of the Light

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