From the same company, SM Entertainment, of the popular KPop groups, Girls' Generation and Super Junior, comes a kpop 12-member rookie group EXO that became a hot trending since their debut and became much more popular by their first comeback last year and gained much and still counting number of fans not just in Korea but across the world.

The boy group made their first ever comeback after a year since they debuted that    made a new history in kpop world. It can be said as one of the most anticipated comeback of a rookie group that wobbled the whole KPOP industry with their unexpected high album sales, million views of their music videos in a day, numerous awards and many more.

Curious already? Let me introduce to you the 12 dazzling pretty boys that make every fans' heart skip a beat.

Kris, Chanyeol, Lay, Chen, Sehun, Tao, Baekhyun, DO, Luhan, Kai, Xiumin, Suho

EXO debuted together as a group divided into two subgroups: EXO-K and EXO-M.

EXO-K performs and promotes songs mainly in Korea and in Korean language while EXO-M performs and promotes songs and their group in China. However, with their first comeback, they are all united and they performed altogether as one. With their slogan, 'We Are One, We Are Exo!'


Left to right: Chanyeol, DO, Kai, Sehun, Suho, Baekhyun

EXO-K Members:

Leader: Suho
Vocals: D.O., Baekhyun
Main Rapper: Chanyeol
Main Dancers: Kai, Sehun


Left to right: Tao, Xiumin, Chen, Luhan, Kris, Lay

EXO-M Members:

Leader: Kris
Vocals: Chen, Luhan
Main Dancers: Lay, Xiumin
Main Rapper: Tao

Pretty boys, aren't they? Wanna watch their debut showcase? It's posted here! Get to know each of them even more and pick your bias. Though I must warn, you'll never have a permanent bias in this group. ^^

Still curious about them?

Here are some of their videos.

Their first music video:

Aren't you captivated by their amazing dance steps and those faces?
Here's the second one after their debut:

Hihi. Can't stop fangirling~
A year after their debut, with the most request of the fans, they made their comeback as 12 wolves!

After their successful comeback, a month later, they made another comeback. As if trying to fill in a year of their hiatus. Another explosive comeback with growl!~

And another version!!!!

How's your bias? Is he still on top of your favorites? Hihi~

EXO didn't only showcase their singing and dancing skills but they also showcased their talent in acting! How can guys as handsome as they can really be this so talented!?

Here's the drama version of their mv~~

Waaaaa~ too much feels for these boys.

Now let's watch these powerful boy group's theme change into a love song. will it be okay?

Here's the live version.

What do you think? :)))

Hold up! Hold up! EXO invasion's still not finished!!!!

Welcome to the pain overdosed era.
Where a lot of heartache and sadness and betrayals were felt by the fans.
Two issues that crashed each of the fans' hearts.

Last April, EXO was supposed to have their comeback but an unexpected tragedy happened in South Korea that even the whole world has mourned because of the ferry MV Sewol that sank leaving hundreds of people, mostly students, killed. Because of this catastrophe, the whole south korea has mourned for about a month causing EXO's comeback delayed for two weeks. Even so, the fans especially the international fans have cared enough to our young artists and prolong their patience and understand the current situation. A lot of people from all over the world has sent their deep condolences to the families of the victims and to the whole south korea.

And in May, they resumed their businesses releasing EXO's comeback music video, OVERDOSE.. :D

This era is tend to be their grandest era as they were scheduled to have their first solo concert around the world. But something unexpected came up which I think would make it the most unforgettable era for their fans.

Banner for EXO's first solo concert: The Lost Planet

As soon as they were in the midst of preparation for their first solo concert, a shocking news has been heard. Crashing the fans' hearts and leaving them sad upon hearing the said news. It was about EXO-M's leader, Kris, filing a lawsuit against their company resulting his absence to many group activities and performances.

The fans had surely been weeping upon hearing the news as they are mostly loved as a 12-member dorky boy group and one member leaving just makes everything unacceptable. Like how a girl has been left by his loved boyfriend is like how it feels upon hearing the news that Kris is about to leave the group. A lot of fans have even left the fanbase with their thinking that exo would never be the same again.

Not long after, Kris was said to be acting on a film in China and a few weeks earlier, they released pictures of him on line and even his solo performed song has gained a million of views in just a day and now that it has been two weeks, it was said it already has 20 million views.

Not long after Kris' issue, comes another shocking news.

Byun Baekhyun was rumored to be dating his Idol, Girls' Generation's leader, Kim Taeyeon. Dispatch has released their shots of the couple on the internet that made a trending topic among the netizens and the fans of both group most especially exo fans.

The same day they released these photos and wrote an article, their company has sent someone to confirm their relationship which even sent a lot of fans into grief.

I, personally think, that I prefer Baekhyun to be fanboying over Taeyeon instead of being in a relationship with her. Well, my opinion doesn't really matter and I sincerely hope him to be happy so I'll let them be.

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