Harry Coumnas Is A Highly Renowned Salsa Instructor In NY

Harry Coumnas is one of the most talented salsa instructors from Brooklyn, NY in the industry today. He is a highly professional dancer who has mastered the dance world with his exciting and innovative style of dancing. Harry started his dancing career as a professional dancer for television dancing shows, and because of his unique style and talent, he made his place and earned reputation in New York City. His immense experience in Pop, Freestyle, and Hip Hop ultimately led him to work with some famous choreographers, who has choreographed for an assortment of stars in the music industry.

Harry Coumnas is a wonderful salsa Instructor, choreographer, and performer. This highly accomplished artist and choreographer moved his passion and talent to the salsa dance and soon became a renowned salsa dancer in NY. With his unique body movement and choreography, he has performed at numerous TV shows and won many awards for his performance. He has received his salsa training under the guidance of several world-renowned salsa dancers in different parts of the world including London, Milan, and Australia. He combined his passion for dance with his creativity to make a unique presence on the stage and performed explosive salsa and Bachata style which have smooth moves with sharp and complicated turn patterns.

Harry Coumnas teaches salsa and also take Latin dance classes in Brooklyn, NY. Thousands of students from throughout the country have joined his classes and have experienced his amazing style of teaching salsa dance. He became so popular that he began teaching at workshops and congresses around the globe, including Brazil and Puerto Rico. His captivating creativity and talent for salsa leads students to be under his training from as far away as Hamburg and Seoul.

Harry Coumnas is also a DJ and currently, he DJ's his own Latin night different nightclubs in NY. Being a passionate dancer and a DJ gives him the ability to know exactly what songs are perfect to dance too. Making him the best DJ at each and every event.