Music is the Way of LIFE!

Riley West

I Believe..

I believe in the eternal love of family,

the the honesty you can give and receive

the incredibly strong way of love

the equality among all people,

the courage that you share with others,

trust of friendship, world peace, happiness for everyone,

But (something you don’t believe in, e.g. “but the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated”) Following others.

I believe in expressing yourself through dance,

I believe in being who you are inside,

I believe in having fun in a safely matter,

using your imagination, believing, dreams are what you are made of,

And I believe in the undermining power of music and how it shapes you to be who you are.

My Personal Credo

    I live by the quote “Music is the way of LIFE” ever since I was a little girl this quote has been used in my life. Music is what speaks to me; every line in the lyrics every melody of the song. I listen to music everyday no matter where it is. Music is what helps me get through life; you can always find that one song that is saying what you are feeling weather you want to cry of just get up and dance. Music is the way of life!

   The way music have shaped me is extraordinary, it’s my passion and it’s what I love. My mom has always said I was going to be a choreographer because music speaks to me in tremendous ways. When I was little I sang karaoke every night and I made a dance with my best friend to go along with that perfect song that fit our personalities. Without music I truly don’t know where I would be without music. My family sees me as the talkative one that is always dancing and singing something, they all know that all my head is doing is running through song lyrics over and over again. The way of music is powerful yet can be sympathetic at times.

   My belief in music is the way of life is very important to me and who I am. This is important to me because I love and enjoy the way it makes me feel. Music helps me when I’m sad and controls me when I am happy. It is important for me personally to go by these beliefs because this is who I am and if someone doesn’t like that then thats their problem. I love music and thats all that really matters to me. If you turn on the radio it’s the highlight of my day I know every word too! Music is just how I express myself, I’m an energetic person, and I have to get it all out someway somehow and this is how I chose to calm myself.

   The credo I have of music is lifelong it may change one day but it hasn’t since I was little, now the types of music has evolved tremendously when I was little all I knew was country music but my music gallery has expanded throughout the years which doesn’t really change who I am today.It has evolved over since I was little but that about it I haven’t really seen any changes except; now I can control when to listen to music and when not to. Such as when i’m doing work I can not listen to music because I will pay to much attention to what the words are saying more less working on my work. Something might change it one day I don’t know what could but maybe one day I just lose all interest in music but I doubt that will ever happen. This helps me with my future because music is who I am. I love to dance through music and when I get older I hope my children follow my footsteps through music.

   The way of music is very significant to me because it helps me a lot, now this might now be the same for you. I love the way the music speaks to me it’s is basically the way of life for me. I wouldn’t charge someone to do the same as me because this works for me, it’s great if you can relate to music like I do but no one is the same so your get away might be something totally different. It would benefit you enormously if it actually worked for you but if it don’t then I wouldn’t push you to like something that you don’t like or that doesn’t benefit you in any way.

By: Riley West

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