Lamar Library - A Transformation


After Summer 2012

First steps, get rid of reference, add a book showcase, move computers, bring in fun study areas right by the windows- so students see other kids studying and hanging out in the library, add color and decals to give the library a unique vibe, create cozy reading nooks, bring classes in to have fun with books.

Remove ancient circ desk and get new desk, new floor, and bring Makerspace materials out into the library.  Create a littleBits bar (still in progress)

Maker Programming: Maker Monday started with after school programming, it is now a dedicated time every Monday.  I've also started a club just to get girls involved in STEM called the Circuit Girls.

Design Challenge get kids involved in creating technology and not just consuming it!

Now kids come in the mornings to make stuff. We call it Maker mornings and they've begun tinkering and incorporating different tools together.

They also come during advisory to "play." But that's okay because playing leads to learning!

Some kids don't make stuff, but they are part of our design community.

But a library is about books, right? Of course! We incorporate technology and have fun with books too!

Need a collaborative teaching partner? I love to collaborate with teachers as well!