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Mrs. Jarboe

Here is a little all about me:

I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 24, 1972.  We moved to Burnsville, Minnesota right before I started Kindergarten in 1977.  We moved to Enid, Oklahoma in the middle of 2nd grade and then to Tulsa, Oklahoma during Spring Break of 3rd grade.  I was done moving for a while...until my Junior year of college.  I transferred from the University of Tulsa to the University of Arkansas and have not left Fayetteville since then...22 years and counting!

This is a picture of my husband, Jon Jarboe, and me. 1992 and 2014
It's not flesh and blood, but heart that makes you a Father. The kids and I love you with all our heart...Happy Father's Day Jon @bodestar23 @jadenpaige_

I created this for Father's Day 2014.  It includes all three loves of my lives, Jon, Jaden, and Bode.  Jon and I reconnected in 2011 and married on the 20th Anniversary of our first date 20 years before...November 1, 1991 - November 1, 2011. 

Jon works as the computer administrator for the Circuit Clerk of Washington County and is involved in politics, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TU athletics, and attending and sometimes coaching all of Jaden and Bode's sports.

#Lovemysetter #nationalvolleyballday

Jaden just turned 14 on August 12, sadly, I am always at work on her birthday.  As you can tell, volleyball is her passion, but she also plays softball.  She is VERY smart, math is her specialty, and finally...after all these years, now loves to read!!!

#mcm - I love you @bodestar23 😘😘😘

Bode is my baseball player and a 6th grader this year at Holt. 

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Love this! Great job Kimberly! - Lisa Davis