Summer 2k14

This summer I...

In July my family went to maui, hawaii for my moms wedding. While in hawaii I went to a luau and did a lot of shopping but I also got an ear infection because to much water got in my ears. We didn't go to the doctor in hawaii so I had to sit through a 7 hour flight with an ear infection which I do not recommend.

My dad owns a boat so during the summer we went boating a lot during he summer. We also moved with my dad just like 5 minutes so not that big of a deal. My dad also proposed to his now fiancé but they are not married yet.

I also did the color run with my friends and did some babysitting.

I also did a lot of sleeping!! I also played a lot of tennis with my grandpa to get ready for the next years season! Go Bruins!  

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