A day in the colonial life

Step back more than 200 years when life was different. You would have to walk a mile or more to your friends house. Then walk a mile back or more back. You would have to do a lot of chores. If you are a girl you have to churn the butter. They had   To make there own clothes out of thred   Or whole. There was no time to play because they had to do some more chores. Boys had to get wood and other things.

Before you enter the school you must  get in to a boy and girl line. If you do not get in a boy and girl line you can not enter the building. When you first enter the building you hang up your backpack you must not talk and just find a seet then when everybody was seeted  the teacher would go over the rules the's are the rules: no smileing no talking    And no slugging  if you  do any of those things you will be givien a punishment the's are the punishments:walk up an down with a ruler behind your back or were the duxe hat or put  your nosi in a circle all day. You would sit in you chair and the only time you would talk is if the teacher called on you or reses . The books were not as fun as they are today then  it would have ben the end of the day and they would all walk home the. End.