Sprinting into the New Year

Holiday greetings from the Chilcote-Readey clan

Hello everyone! We know 2013 is so last year, but we're going to tell you about it anyway. So listen up, because here's our belated but long-awaited holiday letter.

The year marked big changes as Emily (5) became a pre kindergartener, Nathan (3) prepared to enter preschool via the long soggy voyage of potty training, and Lee and Katherine embarked on their own sets of career evolutions and life changes.

Katherine continues to juggle work, family and personal life with grace. After 9 years, she's leaving American Greetings to join OE Connection, a firm that makes software for the auto industry. She has been making the world safe for greeting cards for 9 years, but now she'll be helping to ensure efficient distribution of auto parts. Katherine remains active in the Cleveland Colectivo and other nonprofits.

Lee has continued his steady march towards world domination as a freelance writer. He writes about things like urban revitalization, food, art, music and young start-ups. He works as Editorial Director for Issue Media Group, a Detroit-based company that publishes online magazines in 20 cities, and also writes for Fresh Water Cleveland. For the past few years, he's also freelanced for a few national magazines, as well. When not following a story, he's working on a book of poetry and playing music.

Emily is a happy, spunky little girl who's lucky enough to be able to enjoy kid-friendly activities in Cleveland and Kansas City and spend time with grandparents in both cities. She attends a great preschool in Lakewood, and otherwise enjoys ballet classes, swimming, play dates with friends, her cousins, books and playing with her brother.

Nathan, who has gotten quite tall and thin, continues to be quite the character in our family (that's saying something). He attends the same preschool as Emily and loves conspiring with her and telling stories about "Jim" (we hope to meet him one day). He enjoys running, talking about Captain Hook and the crocodile, running, playing with friends, running, reading, and any mash-up that involves trains-planes-cars.

And last but not least, Baby Chilcote! Yep, the People Magazine rumors are true: we got busy and now we're getting busier. Katherine is pregnant with our third child, due February 16th. And with these stunningly realistic ultrasound images, we've noticed that he/she already needs a haircut (typical Chilcote!). Two kids under 5 wasn't demanding enough, so we're heading into the land of parental "zone defense."

Other '14 highlights include traveling to California in March to surprise Katherine's parents and celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. We also got to celebrate Katherine's dad's 70th birthday over Christmas with the Readey clan. Finally, we welcomed the arrival of two new cousins: the twins, Addie and Jack, born in July.

We continue to be so grateful for our Cleveland family. "Tuesdays with Tuni" are a popular hit with the 5-and-under crowd (Lee and Katherine are big fans, too), and both Tuni and Papa have been truly wonderful to their grand kids. We love being able to see Don, Mike, Michelle, Katherine, Andy and Eleanor as often as we can.

Finally, we're incredibly lucky to be here in Cleveland, nestled in an incredible community on the cusp of great things. (Had to get in that bit of boosterism while we could.)

Please drop a line or drop by the next time you pass through Northeast Ohio -- we'd love to see you. All the best for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2014!

Much love,

Katherine, Lee, Emily, Nathan and Baby to Be

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