Texas Oil Project
By:Megan Pennington


 Anthony Lucas leased land at Spindletop in 1899. He drilled 575 feet into the ground then his equipment collapsed. He hit oil after a few more tries at Spindletop on January 10, 1901. It was the largest reserve of oil the world has seen.

Other Booms

  In the year 1920 many huge oil booms came every which way. There was places like Borger, Baston, and Goose Creek that offered jobs for people who needed job except for African Americans and Mexican Americans.

Oil Booms Helping Schools?

The oil industry ended up helping out some schools. Oil companies funded public schools such as Texas A&M and Texas University. When oil was struck on university land, the money made from the oil went to the university .The natural gas was used to fund schools and museums in Texas.

Social Changes

  The booms in the oil industry effected Texas socially in many ways. More schools were built based on oil products. Towns came out over Texas near oil derricks. People moved near hoping to work for rich people who would pay a lot of money to someone who discovered oil booms.

Effects We See Today

Petroleum is still used to power homes, businesses, and transportation. It is also used to make rubber and other common household products. We uses a lot of products today that use petroleum like plastic, detergent, candles, band aids, and even breath mints.

•CDs     •Plastic      •Deodorant       •Candles     •Band Aids     •Breath Mints •Paint       •Curtains    •Sneakers   •Vitamins

What Petroleum Has Made For Us

Candle is one of the popular items that are made from petroleum

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