Assassins creed Unity | Beta Access | Updated as of 09/09/2014

Note: Its a survey protected file we have mentioned below Why.

How to use:

1. Download AC Unity from the following link

2. Install it

3. Copy beta key given with the pack

4. paste

5. Play and enjoy.

How to contact Us for issues and reviews
After you have done beta testing send us an email from contact us box below!

reporting issues and glitches in the game is done the same

1. Why we are using surveys to protect files?

Because many people will try to get multiple beta keys and will leak it
2. What if someone leaks it?

This game has anti-piracy System built-in so if someone installs it other than the downloader the game may not work on his computer.

Have more questions?

Contact us with form below

Updated As of 09/09/2014

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Limited time offer Assassins creed unity | Beta Access | Updated As of 09/09/2014

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