Making a Postcard

Making a Postcard Trudi Hestand January 23, 2014

Fourth grade went to our annual River Legacy Field Trip two weeks ago. They studied the different layers of the forest along with the animals found within the layers. They were to make a postcard using the iPad app called Photo Card. The assignment involved the students writing a letter to someone, explaining about their trip to River Legacy. They had to include information about the forest layers and the picture featured on the other side of their postcard. The picture of the forest on the flip side of the postcard involved taking a picture of the forest background on Photo Card, editing the picture within the Photo app, then uploading it into Tag Writer; where they added the labels of the 5 forest layers. They uploaded their labeled forest to the photo album. The picture was then uploaded within the Photo Card app for the picture side. This project included objectives from the 4th grade writing, science, and technology TEKS.

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